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300 Laps Of Your Garden
Pale Ale Hopped with Azacca & Mosaic / 4.8% / 440ml
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Don't Tell Gus
New England Double IPA / 8% / 440ml
Sold Out
Even Sharks Need Water / 6.5%
IPA using Simcoe, Citra and Galaxy with Verdant's super fruity house yeast strain to make a classic New England IPA – just a hint of bitterness and a balance of sharper citrus fruits. Freshly poured on the morning of your...
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Extra Pale Ale / 4.5% / 440ml
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NZ Pils
New Zealand Hopped Pilsner / 4.9% / 440ml
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Pigs All Day
Resinous & Piney West Coast IPA / 6% / 440ml
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Traditional Style Porter with a Crisp, Dry Finish / 4.8% / 440ml
Verdant Glass
Official Verdant 2/3 Glass
Fresh In
Welcome U-Turn
West Coast Double IPA / 8% / 440ml
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