Space Waves
Brewed with well water, locally malted barley from Blacklands Malt, raw Texas wheat, hops, and lime salt. Fermented in stainless steel with thier mixed culture of brewers yeast, native yeast, and native bacteria. Then blended with Montmorency vs. Balaton -...
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Bramble, Thorn and Briar
Wild Golden Ale fermented in oak for 8 months followed by a further 5 months on blackberries and raspberries. Jammy sweetness with a well rounded acidity / 5.5% / 750ml
Living Up To Names
This Wild Ale was aged for two-and-a-half years in foudre before conditioning on 1kg/l of whole, organic nectarines. The fruit was opened up through carbonic maceration for a fresh, vivid flavour expression. Gentle carbonation accentuates a rich acidity / 6.1%...
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A Series of Good Ideas
Young spontaneous beer conditioned on second-use chuckleberries for four months before a further conditioning on 700g/l of raspberries. Fresh, juicy, spritzy and dry / 6.1% / 750ml
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Find Yourself
Combining a just-ripe mango character with the juicy acidity of natural cider, this is a blend of Pale Ale aged in a red wine barrel for six months and Grisette aged in a bourbon barrel for 19 months. It was...
Citrus Froot Direct
Mixed Ferm beer - An ode to Texas citrus with notes of Orangina, mimosa, honeysuckle, orange blossom perfume, Painkiller cocktail, and Lacto-fermented orange marmalade / 6.6% / 750ml
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Il Segreto
Cognac Barrel Aged Imperial Stout fermented on wild yeasts for a year. Rich flavours of cherry, chocolate, leather, apple and ok / 12.5% / 750ml
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How to Love
Originally a Grisette, it was aged in a red wine barrel for 10 months before conditioning on 300g/l of passion fruit, honeydew melon and banana / 6.9% / 750ml
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Pleasant Countenance
This Wild Ale is a blend of beer aged up to four years in white wine barrels. Conditioned in bottle for a further eight months / 8.4% / 750ml
Stupid Sexy Blend III
Blended Red Wild Ales, Aged from Young to 14 Months / 5.5% / 750ml
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Full Circle
This beer started life in March 2019, brewed with Thornbridge. A portion was released by them as Vicious Circle in 2020. The remainder was sent to us, aged further in our barrels, then blended with a mixed fermentation saison /...
Kriek de Ranke
Mixed Fermentation Cherry Beer. Blend of old Flemish Ale & Lambic with Sor Cherries / 7% / 750ml
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Blended Saison - one young and one aged in French red wine barrels. Crisp, tart, floral and funky with a refreshing acidity / 6.5% / 750ml
Sweet Milk
Imperial Stout - A fine blend of young beer, which spent two months in a first-fill Port barrel, and mature beer, aged 20 months in a cherry wine barrel. This edition received additions of coffee, cacao and ancho chilli /...
Imperial Stout with Hazelnut Roasted Coffee / 11% / 355ml
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Free The Parrots
Coconut Imperial Stout infused with 200kg of untoasted coconut / 11% / 500ml
Funky Garden Vol 6
Mexican Hot Chocolate Imperial Stout with Cocoa Nibs, Vanilla, Cinnamon & Chili Peppers / 11.6% / 500ml
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Guava Banana Banoffee Toffee Smoothie
With a mouthfeel almost as big as the name suggests, Guava Banana Banoffee Toffee Smoothie is a vegan friendly taste explosion. Reminiscent of your favourite childhood dessert, the delicately sweet toffee aromas perfectly compliment over 1600 kilos of fresh banana...
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Imperial Stout with Hazelnut, Vanilla and Cacao / 11.0% / 440ml
The Middle Of Silence
Peanut Butter Imperial Milk Stout With Coffee / 12.5% / 500ml
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Sweet Cherry Bakewell Sour
Cherry & Almond Sour / 7% / 375ml
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Salted Caramel Tonkoko
Salted Caramel Imperial Stout / 12% / 440ml
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Release The Cranachan
Raspberry, Heather Honey and Whisky Barrel Chip Imperial Milk Stout / 9% / 440ml
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Unconventional Tactics
Single hop Nelson Sauvin DIPA / 8% / 440ml
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Doubling Down: Padstow
Azacca DIPA / 8% / 440ml
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Doubling Down: Pipeline
Nelson Sauvin DIPA / 7.7% / 440ml
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Doubling Down
Idaho 7 DIPA / 8% / 440ml
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Apple Cherry Cinnamon Swirl
Sweetness from two kinds of cherry creates a complex flavour balanced by tart apple purée among notes of sweet vanilla / 8% / 375ml
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Imperial Coffee Vanilla Stout / 10% / 440ml
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Imperial pastry sour with sweet red cherries, vanilla and toasted coconut / 9% / 440ml

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