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Almost Here
This blend of two and four-year aged beer was conditioned on sour cherries, peaches and lavender. The result is vibrant and full of energy, with an emphasis on ripe fruit flavour, delicate sweetness and a crisp, dry finish / 6.4%...
Stupid Sexy Blend III
Blended Red Wild Ales, Aged from Young to 14 Months / 5.5% / 750ml
Wild Foudre Aged Belgian Pale Ale / 8.5% / 750ml
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Elderberry Monolith
Fruit packed edition of their barrel aged Black Beer / 9.7% / 750ml
La Bestia
Dark Wild Sour Aged in Cognac Barrels / 6.6% / 750ml
Saison Provision 2020
Farmhouse beer is first fermented with saison yeast and then with a blend of Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces whilst ageing in oak foudres / 6.7% / 750ml
Salty Nut Roll
Imperial Stout with Toasted Pecan, Brown Sugar, Milk Sugar & Vanilla / 13% / 500ml
£16.65 £12.50
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Sweet Milk
Imperial Stout - A fine blend of young beer, which spent two months in a first-fill Port barrel, and mature beer, aged 20 months in a cherry wine barrel. This edition received additions of coffee, cacao and ancho chilli /...
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Confectioner's Choice
Imperial Stout - A fine blend of young beer, which spent two months in a first-fill Port barrel, and mature beer, aged 20 months in a cherry wine barrel. This edition received additions of cacao, cinnamon, tonka and ancho chilli...
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A Cheeky Beer
Strong, uncompromising, full-flavoured, yet deceptively drinkable - Quadruple IPA brewed with Citra and Strata hops / 12.5% / 440ml
The Space Between Thoughts
A blend of their indulgent Imperial Stout base aged in a first-use Armagnac barrel and a first-use Port barrel. / 11.2% / 375ml
Closer To The Truth
Their richest Imperial Stout base, aged and developed in a single, first-use Port barrel for five months. / 11.2% / 375ml
Imperial Stout with Hazelnut Roasted Coffee / 11% / 355ml
£13.00 £10.50
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We See You, We Are You
Triple IPA - This beer is a dedication from all of the women here, to all of the women who don’t make it safely home / 10.5% / 440ml
Rubus Rebus
£14.90 £9.90
Rubus Rebus
Foeder-fermented mixed culture sour with lactobacillus, brettanomyces, and saccharomyces and a huge amount of raspberries / 5.7% / 500ml
£14.90 £9.90
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My Continuous Improvement
Cacao & Vanilla Imperial Stout / 11% / 440ml
The Middle Of Silence
Peanut Butter Imperial Milk Stout With Coffee / 12.5% / 500ml
Funky Garden Vol 6
Mexican Hot Chocolate Imperial Stout with Cocoa Nibs, Vanilla, Cinnamon & Chili Peppers / 11.6% / 500ml
One More Episode
Imperial Pastry Stout with Cacao Nibs & Strawberries / 11.8% / 500ml
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Pies in the Skies
A mash-up of two of their biggest beers; Strawberry Skies and Double Crust Raspberry Pie. Combining the best of both for a strawberry and raspberry packed monster with a pastry-like overtone / 8.5% / 375ml
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Physical Research
Pastry White Stout infused with dessert beer infused with cacao, vanilla and Rwandan coffee / 8% / 440ml
BPAVK Choco Fudge Brownie
Chocolate Fudge Brownie Imperial Stout / 10% / 440ml
BPAVK Cherry Bakewell
Super Smooth Imperial Stout with Cherry, Almond & Vanilla / 10% / 440ml
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Griffin Tamer
Coconut Vanilla Imperial Stout / 12% / 440ml
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6 New Zealand Hops make up this huge Triple IPA - Nelson Sauvin, Riwaka, Waiti, Motueka, Moutere and Ekuano / 10% / 440ml
Up Late
Imperial Stout with Hazelnut & Vanilla - Collab with Verdant / 10% / 440ml
Bakkie & Bluff BA
Bourbon BA Imperial Stout with Coffee and Hopjes (caramel sweets) / 11.4% / 330ml
Time Marches On
Biere de Garde - Dry farmhouse beer with floral hop aroma, delicate bitterness, and a light biscuit malt undertone, their first Mixed Ferm release. / 6% / 375ml
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Coffee & Cacao Noire
A dark sour conditioned on a blend of Ethiopian and Honduran coffee beans from Brew Project as well as Peruvian cacao nibs / 8% / 375ml
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Six Degrees Of Separation
Collbortion with Spain's Basqueland Brewing. Both breweries simultaneously brewed a DIPA to the same recipe but each used a different process for the dry hopping / 8% / 440ml

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