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Sacred Souvenir
Fruited Sour with Cherry and Peach / 5.5% / 440ml
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A blend of Tawny Port and Sauternes Barrel Aged Golden Wild Ales conditioned on local cherries / 6% / 750ml
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Plum Kasu Sake
Saison aged on Sake Kasu and wild yeasts before further conditioning on Victoria Plums. The result is rich, fruity and complex with zippy acidity and dry finish / 6% / 750ml
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Cherry & Plum Waterbeach
Mixed culture sour conditioned on cherries and plums / 3.4% / 440ml
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Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
This decadent dessert sour combines juicy Scottish strawberries with the rich, luxurious taste of creamy chocolate / 4.5% / 440ml
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Iron Brew
Scotland's iconic drink in sour form / 4.8% / 440ml
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Mystery Beer #2
Mystery Flavoured Pastry Sour / 5% / 440ml Guess the flavours for a chance to win £250 of beer. Find out more here.
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Blackcurrant & Raspberry Breeze
Our Breeze sours are smooth and crushable while capturing the mouthwatering vibrancy of freshly picked fruit. This edition combines aromatic blackcurrant with bright raspberry / 4.5% / 440ml
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Peach Cobbler
Perfectly ripe peaches with a cake-like topping. Indulgent and comforting that satisfies the greatest of dessert cravings / 4.5% / 440ml
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Walled Gardens
A blend of 1, 2 and 3 year old Wild Golden Ales fermented in oak followed by a refermentation on Apricots from the Isle of Wight / 5.8% / 750ml
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