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Space Waves
Brewed with well water, locally malted barley from Blacklands Malt, raw Texas wheat, hops, and lime salt. Fermented in stainless steel with thier mixed culture of brewers yeast, native yeast, and native bacteria. Then blended with Montmorency vs. Balaton -...
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Citrus Froot Direct
Mixed Ferm beer - An ode to Texas citrus with notes of Orangina, mimosa, honeysuckle, orange blossom perfume, Painkiller cocktail, and Lacto-fermented orange marmalade / 6.6% / 750ml
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Provenance Blood Orange & Tangerine
Mixed Ferm beer made with hand-juiced and zested 800 pounds of Texas-grown Blood Oranges and Sunburst Tangerines from the Rio Grande Valley. / 5.5% / 750ml
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10 Year Anniversary Dry Hopped Farmhouse Ale With Oats And Triticale
This 10th-anniversary Dry-Hopped Farmhouse Ale represents a decade worth of brewing based on local sourcing of ingredients, wild fermentation with native yeast, and pursuing a sense of time, place, and people in beer / 5.8% / 750ml
Jart Elle
Traditional unfiltered blend of spontaneous fermented lambic aged in oak barrels. Maceration with fresh cherries for 6 months / 6.8% / 750ml
Stupid Sexy Blend III
Blended Red Wild Ales, Aged from Young to 14 Months / 5.5% / 750ml
Il Vigneto
A mixed fermentation saison, fermented with their mother culture of wild yeasts and microbes, conditioned on pinot noir skins from Gutter & Stars Winery in Cambridge, grown in Crouch Valley Essex. Aged further in pinot noir barrels / 7% /...
Coolship Resurgam
Coolship Resurgam is a blend of both old and young unfruited spontaneous beer. The name comes from the motto of our fair city, Portland, Me. It means "I shall rise again". Coolship Resurgam won a Silver medal at the 2010...
Rubus Rebus
£14.90 £9.90
Rubus Rebus
Foeder-fermented mixed culture sour with lactobacillus, brettanomyces, and saccharomyces and a huge amount of raspberries / 5.7% / 500ml
£14.90 £9.90
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Raspberry, White Chocolate, Honeycomb Sour
Raspberry, White Chocolate, Honeycomb Sour / 10% / 375ml
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Veeky Chimpto
INDIE DAY BEER! Fresh Scottish Blackcurrants and Raspberries, blended with white grape - a rendition of everyone’s favourite underage cocktail this time amped up to silly sour territory. / 8.2% / 375ml
Coffee & Cacao Noire
A dark sour conditioned on a blend of Ethiopian and Honduran coffee beans from Brew Project as well as Peruvian cacao nibs / 8% / 375ml
The Big Mjau Theory
Super fruited gose with Blueberry, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Blackcurrant. Raspberry & Brown Sugar / 6% / 440ml
Playa de Agua
Mixed Fermentation Sour IPA dry hopped with El Dorado and Rakau / 6% / 440ml
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Pretty In Pink
Big Raspberry Sour / 8% / 440ml
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Raspberry & Strawberry Waterbeach Weisse
Mixed Ferm Berliner Weisse Style Beer Conditioned on 175 g/l Raspberry & Strawberry Purees / 3.8% / 440ml
Hibiscus & Pomegranate Waterbeach Weisse
Mixed Fermentation Berliner Weisse Style Beer / 3.8% / 440ml
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Blueberry & Banana Pastry Sour with Coconut & Marshmallow / 5.5% / 440ml
DDH Denari
A mixed culture sour pale ale dry hopped with Mosaic and Cashmere / 5% / 440ml
Million Worlds
Berliner Weisse with Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Lime, Vanilla & Milk Sugar / 5.8% / 330ml
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Pick Up The Pace
Pineapple, Passionfruit & Peach Gose / 5% / 440ml
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Goose Willis
Gooseberry Fool Sour / 5.3% / 440ml
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Simon Le Mon
Lemon Sherbert Sour / 3.8% / 440ml
Berliner Framboos
Berliner Weisse Macerated with Raspberries / 4% / 330ml
Berliner Bosbes
Blueberry Berliner Weisse / 4% / 330ml
A low alcohol mixed culture sour beer conditioned on Sicilian lemons and a small amount of mandarin oranges and pink grapefruit. / 2.5% / 440ml
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Isle of Independents
INDIE DAY BEER! Sour with passionfruit and pink guava / 5.3% / 330ml
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