Fresh In
DDH Pale that packs a juicy tropical and citrus punch / 5.2% / 440ml
Fresh In
Soft and juicy IPA / 6.4% / 440ml
Fresh In
Wheels on Fire
Super dank IPA rolling in with Columbus BBC hops in the whirlpool and dry hopped with best buds Galaxy, Citra and Strata, this IPA is a thick hot box of haze / 6.1% / 440ml
Fresh In
Taking Back Sundae
Lemon and Lime Gelato Pale. 15kg of lemon and lime zest in the whirlpool, dry hopped with Lemon drop, Motueka, and Citra. An addition of vanilla, rounds it out into a perfectly balanced and thirst-quenching beer / 5% / 440ml *contains...
Fresh In
Midnight City
Dry Stout / 4.7% / 440ml
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