From Above
Gluten Free Pale Ale. Up front, you’ll find exquisite pineapple and tropical fruit punch, a soft bitterness and mouth-watering lemon peel followed by a long finish. Beautifully balanced, drinkable and satisfying / 4.1% / 440ml
Fresh In
Double IPA with a triple threat of Citra to massive flavours of overripe Mango, White Grape, and dank Pineapple with a piney, herbal finish / 8% / 440ml
Fresh In
Thick, hazy and indulgent Triple IPA. We're getting pithy Lemon and freshly cut grass mingling in the aroma, whilst an ample addition of Nelson beckons flavours of Gooseberry & White Wine on the palate.  Galaxy produces a mellow, earthy finish,...
Time Flies By
Our brand new Gluten Free Pale Hazy Pale Ale offering is here. Laced with Citra & Galaxy we get tons of tropical fruits, backed by light tones of freshly cut grass and sweet lemon / 5.1% / 440ml
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