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9th Birthday Pale
Our 9th Birthday Pale harmoniously combines the delicate lime undertones of Motueka with the unmistakable wine-like essence of Nelson Sauvin. It offers a bright and approachable profile, featuring hints of white grape and a refreshing herbal finish / 4.5% / 440ml
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9th Birthday DIPA
Our Birthday DIPA explodes with juicy flavours, showcasing Citra and Idaho 7 hops, with Nelson Sauvin at its core. Candyfloss aromas on the nose make way for a full, chewy body, complemented by refined vinous gooseberry notes / 8% / 440ml
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9th Birthday DDH IPA
Our Birthday DDH IPA blends Riwaka alongside Nelson Sauvin for a unique flavour profile. A deliciously dank aroma sets the stage, followed by ripe mango and papaya flavours enveloped in a lusciously smooth body and a tangy bloody orange finish / 6%...
Fresh AF Citra
Alcohol Free IPA with Citra. Expect a similar flavour to the original recipe except an extra dose of tropical goodness / 0.5% / 440ml
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Blackcurrant & Raspberry Breeze
Our Breeze sours are smooth and crushable while capturing the mouthwatering vibrancy of freshly picked fruit. This edition combines aromatic blackcurrant with bright raspberry / 4.5% / 440ml
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A bold West Coaster, this is the little sibling of our Crystallography series, with all the hop burst and clean finish but in a lighter and crisper body. This edition is hopped with Columbus and Strata for full-on dankness, with...
Hazy Pale Ale / 4.2% / 440ml
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