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Sweet Cherry Bakewell Sour
Cherry & Almond Sour / 7% / 375ml
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Guava Banana Banoffee Toffee Smoothie
With a mouthfeel almost as big as the name suggests, Guava Banana Banoffee Toffee Smoothie is a vegan friendly taste explosion. Reminiscent of your favourite childhood dessert, the delicately sweet toffee aromas perfectly compliment over 1600 kilos of fresh banana...
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Apple Cherry Cinnamon Swirl
Sweetness from two kinds of cherry creates a complex flavour balanced by tart apple purée among notes of sweet vanilla / 8% / 375ml
Mango Session Sour
Mango Sour / 4.5% / 330ml
Watermelon Session Sour
Watermelon Sour / 4.1% / 330ml
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Blackcurrant Session Sour
It’s juicy, full of flavour and lets the fruit speak for itself. 800 kilos of locally sourced Scottish Blackcurrants make the perfect match for our mixed fermentation house culture, creating strong aromas, sharp tartness and a distinctive dark purple colour...
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