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A low alcohol mixed culture sour beer conditioned on Sicilian lemons and a small amount of mandarin oranges and pink grapefruit. / 2.5% / 440ml
Playa de Agua
Mixed Fermentation Sour IPA dry hopped with El Dorado and Rakau / 6% / 440ml
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Raspberry & Strawberry Waterbeach Weisse
Mixed Ferm Berliner Weisse Style Beer Conditioned on 175 g/l Raspberry & Strawberry Purees / 3.8% / 440ml
Taverna Pils Blanc
Their house pilsner, a classic refreshing german style pilsner hopped with Hallertau Blanc, lagered for six weeks / 4% / 440ml
Coffee & Cacao Noire
A dark sour conditioned on a blend of Ethiopian and Honduran coffee beans from Brew Project as well as Peruvian cacao nibs / 8% / 375ml
Watermelon & Guava Waterbeach Weisse
Mixed Fermentation Berliner Weisse Style Beer with Watermelon & Guava / 3.8% / 440ml
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Hibiscus & Pomegranate Waterbeach Weisse
Mixed Fermentation Berliner Weisse Style Beer / 3.8% / 440ml
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Il Vigneto
A mixed fermentation saison, fermented with their mother culture of wild yeasts and microbes, conditioned on pinot noir skins from Gutter & Stars Winery in Cambridge, grown in Crouch Valley Essex. Aged further in pinot noir barrels / 7% /...
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DDH Denari
A mixed culture sour pale ale dry hopped with Mosaic and Cashmere / 5% / 440ml
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