Change is good right? It keeps you on your toes, keeps things interesting, keeps you innovating?

Well that’s what we think anyway and so as we approach the end of our second year in business (more on that later) it’s time for a change…

Plenty of things out of our control have changed since we opened our doors back in August 2017 that have had a knock on effect to our shop and increased the pressure we’re already under as owners of a small business trying to earn a living.

While the size of our business often leaves us vulnerable to what’s going on around us it also means we are versatile and agile enough to make business decisions quickly when we need to. So over the next few weeks/months we will be making a number of changes to NORD that we hope will allow us to continue prospering for many years to come.

The first of these is the closing of the back room as a space for drinking on the premises.

This isn’t a decision we have taken lightly but with increased competition from the flurry of new drinking establishments that have opened in the past year, we have seen a significant drop in customers using the back room.

Removing our additional seating area at the back will free up the space required for the improvements we have planned. While it may take a bit of getting used to at first we are confident that in the long run it will provide us with the means to curate an even better range of products for you to enjoy.

But the glass is half full! We’ll still have room in the front and our outside seating area where we hope you’ll continue to swing by and share some great beers.

As for what’s coming next…all in good time you eager beavers!